Writing Samples

I have been writing about wine, and the Long Island wine region in particular, since 2003. At the Traveler Watchman, I created the first wine and food column on the North Fork. I also helped create a magazine, The Table, which was the official publication of the East End Convivium of Slow Food.

The Traveler, rest in peace, was sold and I moved to The Suffolk Times, another community weekly on the North Fork. There I was responsible for all of the news, but continued to write about wine for the paper and for its insert, The Wine Press, the official publication of the Long Island Wine Council.

In the mean time, I started freelancing for Edible East End, a magazine that focuses on the food and wine of the East End of Long Island. I had also begun my studies for a Diploma in Wine and Spirits, which I completed in 2008.

I’m now the deputy editor at Edible East End, and have served as guest editor.

Below are pdfs of some of my  recent work. En-joy.

Edible East End Wine

Bouke Onabay Grapes of Roth Brandy Comtesse Therese Lenz

Edible East End Features

Aftertaste Chowder Smackdown


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