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Tasted on

Yesterday Ann Fortuno of Lauber Imports came by the restaurant to show me some of her wares. Lauber has an extensive portfolio. Today she brought four. I usually take notes on the back of a menu and then three-hole punch it and put it in my binder.

The wines were Cantina Zaccagnini 2006 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Cerasuolo” rose. It’s too old.

Grgich Hills 2004 Cab. Napa Valley. Good wine, but short on the palate and not worth the money.

IQUE Malbec 2007 by Enrique Foster, Mendoza. Inexpensive, simple rough tannins, I wasn’t wowed, but Dennis liked it.

Stonecap 2005 Monson Family Estates Syrah. Columbia Valley. Smelled like brett; I couldn’t get past it.

Next time, she said she’d bring me something from Tasmania. In the restaurant’s quest to present people with something they’ve never heard of, let along had, Dennis said I get bonus budget for Tasmanian wine. It’s a cool growing area and they’ve had some success with pinot noir.

In the wine business, tasted is actually a verb.


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