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Chiorri 2006 Grechetto

I like this wine, and I’ll tell you why. It’s bright, fresh, a little bit of spritz, not too expensive, easy to drink has a likable minerality but a depth on the nose and a richness on the finish that is almost vanilla-like.

But that’s getting too far ahead. First, what Jancis has to say about the grape:

sometimes Greghetto, characterful central Italian white grape variety most closely associated with Umbria. It is an ingredient in Orvieto and in the whites of torgiano and the Colli Martani doc. The grapes‚ thick skins provide good resistance to downy mildew, making it sufficiently sturdy to produce good vin santo. It is typically blended with Trebbiano, verdello, and malvasia. In Antinori’s most admired white wine, Cervaro, it has played a supporting role to chardonnay, and this type of wine is now being copied by other ambitious producers in Umbria. Grechetto di Todi is probably even more widely planted than Grechetto Spoletino. Intrinsically more interesting than either trebbiano or drupeggio, it is expected to have a much larger role in Umbrian white wines, particularly Orvieto, in the future. Occasionally called Greco Spoletino or Greco Bianco di Perugia, it is by no means identical to greco bianco, although it is presumed to share its Greek origins.

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