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Ready for Hanna

Since 2005 Bedell Cellars has been conducting an experiment with their cabernet vines. Soon after veraison, when the grapes turn from green to black, vineyard workers have been covering the ground between the rows to prevent any excess moisture from getting to the roots of the plants. Excess moisture like the rains that accompany hurricanes are common in our area right before harvest.

The idea to cover the ground came from Bedell’s consultant, the sauve Pascal Marty. (Check out his impressive bio here.)

Donna Rudolph, assistant vineyard manager at Bedell and Cellarette’s guide through the 2008 growing season, said the last time Pascal visited he said he thought the vines were about two weeks behind where they were last year. Continue reading


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The Leap

One of the focuses when studying for the Diploma in Wine and Spirits is to be able to determine, through practiced tasting and writing a tasting note that conforms to the WSET standards, if the wine you’re drinking is a quality wine. In one class Lisa Granik, MW, gave us an acronym — BLIC. Which stands for balance, length, intensity and complexity. This is easy to remember. But in practice, it’s not enough to say the wine is balanced. You have to say the high acid is balanced by the intensity of the fruit, or the high alcohol is balanced by the high extract. Or all the structural elements — acid, alcohol, tannin — are at medium levels; one’s not out of whack. Continue reading

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Think about this

Gwenn from Noble House was in yesterday and, guess what?, she brought some wine. One that caught the attention of most of the staff and of Larry Perrine of Channing Daughters who showed up on his way back to the South Fork, was Ponder, a 2004 cabernet from the Barossa Valley.

It’s made by Anthony “Ponder” Allport, who, according to the back label, only makes this wine from select sites in outstanding years, 2004 included. The labels says “The 2004 vintage is ranked amongst the best of the last 10-15 years, a long even ripening season with a short burst of warm weather right at the end. The general crop levels were 2-3 tonnes per acre and the grapes achieved full maturity with great fruit intensity and flavor.” Continue reading


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