About me

photo by David HandschuhMy name is Eileen Duffy, and I live on the North Fork of Long Island, NY, where more than 40 wineries/vineyards are making a go of becoming world-class participants in the international wine trade.

I have been a waiter, restaurant manager, high school English teacher, writer, editor and now sommelier. I also am a part owner, with my ex, of a wine shop, Six Corners, in Westhampton Beach. At this point, wine is one thing we can safely talk about.

Before all that I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a major in English, and a minor in French. (Handy when in France!) I earned a master’s degree in English from New York University.

I love going to school, so advanced study in wine was almost a foregone conclusion. I completed the WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits at Mary Ewing-Mulligan’s International Wine Center in New York. Thus, I hope to use this blog to further my education, pay closer attention to the wine I’m tasting and help promote Long Island Wine Country, which is filled with a lot of lovely dedicated people.


8 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Eileen-

    Enjoying your your site and wish you the best!
    Thank you once again for your story on us last fall in the Wine Press. We are about to release our 2003 Merlot in about a week or so.

    Wishing you continued success-

    John Medolla

  2. Tara Duffy

    you go girl!

  3. mark gordon

    Dear Eileen
    Great job on this blog! It’s both informative and the layout and graphics are great. I love to read about the wines of my beloved North Fork and I am still waiting for the breakthrough when I can stop asking you for a St. Julian, St. Estephe or St. Emilion. See you at the Frisky…..

  4. ana biskupovich-duffy

    hi eileen, love the blog!! john and i had a fantastic time in croatia!!we had great food and the wine… sooo good.!!hope to see you soon, good luck!

    p.s. i have a bottle of olive oil ,from john’s and my olive fields, special for you!!


  5. Forest Markowitz

    Hi Eileen,
    I like your sense of humor.
    I bought wine from Alex Hargraves in 1978 – thats how far I go back with East End wines.
    Keep up the blog and comments
    enjoy the site


  6. Hello, Eileen. I’m very pleased that we’ve connected. We are, after all, both alumni of the IWC, and the other thing we share, apart from a passion for wine, is a commitment to making East End wines better known to the general public and to other wine mavens as well. I”ll be coming to the N. Fork in the coming weeks, so I’ll look you up in your store when I get there. It would be nice if you could take a lunch break so that we could talk at some length and share thoughts, ideas, experiences–a coffee break would do, also, of course.



  7. Well, Eileen, I’ve been reading your blog again more thoughouly and think that it’s even better the second time around. You offer a good deal of interesting and useful information, so I’ve added a link to your blog on my own, ‘Wine, Seriously.’

    All the best,


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