More on Israeli wine

The question of kosher. At the Israeli wine tasting on Tuesday Mark Squires addressed the the stigma of kosher wine and most Americans’ feeling that it isn’t very good. As he pointed out, there are 200 wineries in Israel and 150 of them are not kosher. But most of the output is. The non-kosher wineries are mostly boutique wineries with low production. He added that Hebrew National and Coca-Cola are kosher, but no one is bother by that.

The confusion, he believes, stems from mevushal wine, which has been flashed pasteurized — not boiled — in accordance with Jewish law. I’m no expert in Jewish law. Here’s the wiki link.

Here’s the take home message. All Israeli wine is not kosher. Not all kosher wine has been boiled, only mevushal. Coke is kosher.


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