Same wine, same week

sscn0463A nice coincidence happened last week when Michele Flournoy from the wine importer Domenico Valentino walked into the restaurant. The company is related to Vino wine shop on 27th Street and the restaurant across the street, Il Trulli.

What was that again? I just had dinner at Il Trulli on Monday night for the diploma dinner when we had an Erbaluce, the same one Michele was unpacking from her bag. And it was good.Michele said Domenico Valentino imports only Italian wine from small producers making unusual wines. And she had a few. A white nebbiolo, a pelaverga and ruche.

Yes, white nebbiolo that wasn’t bad. Conti Sertoli Salis 2007 Chiavennasca. (Nice website.) The winery’s in Lombardy where nebbiolo is known as chiavennasca. The wine was not complex with a citrusy-spicy nose, and an almost tannic moutfeel.

The Castello di Verduno 2006 Verduno Basadone is made with pelaverga, a rare Italian grape. And the wine was delicious, but a bit expensive. I cannot find much out about pelaverga.  Jancis says this:

pale, rare, red grape of Piemonte making slightly fizzy, strawberry-flavoured wines.

Which is obviously not what Castello di Verduno is going for here. They also make Barbaresco and Barolo, and this wine is in that style with violet and light tobacco aromas with black raspberry candy, soft long and subtle on the palate, but with enough acid to make it a food wine with a juicy finish.

Luca Ferraris 2007 Ruche di Castagnole “Bric d’Bianc“. Ruche is the grape and the wine is red. From Jancis:

Ruche or Rouchet or occasionally Roche, relatively obscure red grape variety of the Piemonte region in north west Italy enjoying something of a revival with its own varietal doc around Castagnole Monferrato, occasionally labelled Rouchet. Like nebbiolo, the wine is headily scented and its tannins imbue it with an almost bitter aftertaste. According to Gleave, it is locally supposed to have been brought from burgundy in the 18th century.

It had a young sour cherry nose with earthiness. Juicy finish, harsh mid-palate but nice grip on the finish. Not complex, great length.


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