Wait to buy Burgundy

Salesmen have been talking about this, but a report in telegraph.co.uk, talks of a release from the Burgundy wine board saying exports to English dove 23 percent in September.

Read and weep for the days gone by:

“For three years the climate in Britain was euphoric. Banks, the business world, high-class restaurants took everything we had, without looking at the costs.”  — Cécile Mathiaud of the board.

Some importers locked in prices before the economy tanked (fell off a cliff, nose dived — pick your favorite metaphor) and now they’re sorry. I’m also getting e-mail from distributors slashing prices of wine still in stock  to make way for the new vintages.

This would be a good time to start a wine collection for the ages, if you’ve got the money.

[cool image from The New York Times]


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