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sscn0438Tom Simone from Domaine Select was in the restaurant on Wednesday showing me some good, and affordable, wines.

The three I liked the best were a gewurztramine from Chile, a primitivo and that darling of affordable wine articles a montepulciano d’abruzzo.

Aresti 2007 Gewurztraminer. Should retail for $10 to $12. I found the wine to be similar to a lot of the white blends coming out of Long Island. The gewurz fruit was evident, but not striking. The nose had some petrol and it it’s finish was blown by the alcohol and grapefruit zest. I wrote almost tannic and the notes from the winery say some of the juice was macerated on the skins. The imported bottle has a screw cap. It was crisp above the alcohol and would be a good lunch-time fish sandwich wine. Lots of people like high alcohol wine. From the Curico Valley in Chile.

Quattro Mani 2007 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Produced for Domaine Select by Ercole Velenosi, Quattro Mani means four hands, with the Velenosis being one. Three other projects are also in the works. This wine has a chocolately rich berry nose with rich cherry in the mouth. Great wine, great price.

sscn0439Soleto Primitivo 2007 IGT Salento. Not much info on this wine on the internets, but I like it. Coat-the-glass dense purple, it was juicy and soft, with medium grip tannins. A little watery on the finish.


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