Diploma dinner

dscn0431I had a great time at the annual Diploma dinner given by the International Wine Center on Monday night. All those who have earned diplomas are invited as well as the new graduates, of which I was one.

There was great food and we started off with Piper-Heidsick Champagne. Some congratulatory words from Ian Harris, executive director of Wine and Spirit Education Trust, and then were given etched paperweights and had our pictures taken. Then … everyone broke out the wines they brought and it turned into a great informal tasting of rare, off-the-beaten-path, and just good wine.

A short list of what was open:

1990 Reichgraf von Kessllstaff Riesling; 1999 Prager Smaragd; 2005 Adjenda Reserve Shiraz; 1988 Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape; a magnum of 2007 Cigar Volant; 1989 Weinhert Cabernet from Mendoza;

And that’s just part of what made it to my table.

Also at my table were Steve Miller and Theresa Ryder, the first two to receive diplomas from I WC in 1996. Steve is famous for his love of knowledge about German wine. Theresa works for Michael Skurnik. At one point Steve said he loves coming each year because it’s so nice to be among his “our own kind.”

A funny thing I overhead was one attendee talking about a group he belongs to that meets once per month to taste dessert wine. Except at Christmas time when they do a tete de cuvee dinner “with no residual sugar.”

Anyone interested in more pictures can click here.


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