Another 100 list

Online wine retailer released its list of the 100 most-bought wines from its site in the past year.

And the number one wine was Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2006. A wine I’ve never heard of. In fact, it seems as if all the Veramonte bottlings make the list. The wine is distributed by Southern Wine & Spirits, the distributing behemoth, which means the output must be substantial. And it seems they’re doing a good job.

But what I liked about the website was the simple visual way they give basic info about the wine.

dry or sweet bone dry Sweetness dessert
body light body Body very full body
acidity soft, gentle Acidity very crisp
tannin none Tannin heavy tannins
oak none Oak heavy oak


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2 responses to “Another 100 list

  1. I like when wines are classes like that too. Means much more than a review or a bunch of tasting notes. There’s a wine shop in DC that does something similar with their shelf talkers:

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