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As reported by Decanter, the Chilean government is in the midst of a radical appellation overhaul.

The move is a bid to better reflect the growing diversity of the country’s wine styles.
Valleys such as the Maipo could be split into three DOs (Denominacións de Origen): ‘Alto’ for vineyards close to the Andes, plus central and coastal.
The plans could be enshrined in law within two months, according to Wines of Chile.

Does this mean that all we have learned about Chile will now become obsolete? No, it means that when learning about Chile and its wine growing regions, it might be a little easier to corellate the wine with its region.

The changes would reflect the huge variations in soil and climate between the different areas. Chilean wine producers are increasingly planting at higher altitudes near the Andes, and in cooler coastal areas.

[map from WineWeb]


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