Cellarette in New York Times

I was in the middle of my favorite Saturday morning activity — watching the dogs play and reading the paper — when I scanned Howard G. Goldberg’s column, Long Island Vines, and saw my name. Goldberg, who also writes for Decanter magazine, has been covering Long Island wine for the Times for decades. His column appears bi-weekly in the Long Island section of the paper.

This week he wrote about how to check in with what’s going on in Long Island Wine Country through websites and blogs. And he mentioned cellarette!

He wrote:

Cellarette, a blog run by Eileen Duffy, a sommelier and part owner of Six Corners, a Westhampton Beach wine shop, merits a quick visit periodically to see which Island wines inspire her enthusiasm.

He first mentioned Lenn Thompson, who obviously gets up earlier than I do, and his blog LENNDEVOURS, as well as the website for the Long Island Wine Council and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation.

What a nice surprise and an honor. Thanks Howard.



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5 responses to “Cellarette in New York Times

  1. Fantastic. Congratulations to you.

  2. susannah16

    Conrats cara. I hope you will still speak to us little people…:)SG

  3. susannah16

    Missing the “G”. That’s wonderful Eileen. You should reward yourself with the trip to London for WSET.

  4. BE

    So where have you been since 11-22-08?

  5. MB

    Great link! Plus it told me how to find your blog. Congrats!

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