Good, but …

I’m conflicted about this wine, everytime I take a sip I think “It’s not that good,” but then I want another. It’s not complex but earthy enough to be pleasing. The tannins are light but rough, which makes me think it could benefit from some time in the cellar, but then the acid is creeps back and I think it will just age, not evolve.

It’s good, but ..

The wine is the 2005 Ca’Marcanda Promis, made by Piedmont heavyweight Angelo Gaja (who I once saw from the side in a restaurant in Barbaresco) from vineyards in the Maremma, the winegrowing region in Tuscany on the Atlantic coast. Classified as Tuscany IGT, the wine is 55 percent Merlot, 35 percent Syrah and 10 percent Sangiovese and, like all of Gaja’a wines, it’s not cheap retailing for around $40, even though the importer’s website says it’s good for pouring by the glass.

I think I just figured out what’s holdling it back, to balance the lack of complexity, the wine should be fruiter, and dare I say, lighter. It’s got a heaviness to it disproportionate to its bona fides. Lighten up Angelo, it’s not Barbaresco.



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3 responses to “Good, but …

  1. BE

    Interesting and educational

  2. KillingTime

    Well, that’s what they do in Piedmont. But I wanted to point out – apologies – that Tuscany – or indeed the whole of Italy – is nowhere near the Atlantic. You mean the Mediterranean sea, surely?

  3. cellarette

    It’s not like there are maps or anything.

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