Drink, don’t taste

The wine bloggers conference was evidently a big success. There were keynote speeches from Gary Vaynerchuk and Alice Feiring, and she wrote about it on her blog Appellation Feiring. In it she relayed a message from Eric Asimov, the wine writer from The New York Times, who said, “Drink, don’t taste.”

This hit home with me. Sometimes I take a drink of wine and inadvertently spit it out in my sink. Then I stand back and shake my head. I want the wine in my mouth, but not in my belly. Being a lightweight, I want to ward off the effects as much as possible, but why spit? It’s almost a reflex if I take a sip of wine standing up, the standard stance for wine tasting.

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go out and drink a bottle of wine with dinner. (Thank you again, Donato.) But often, because I work at night, I do not drink wine, I only get to taste it when I go to wine tastings or stand with sales reps showing their wares at the restaurant. More than thinking “It’s just a beverage,” I get to think, “It’s just a commodity.” It’s something to sell, and in this economy, there’s been much written about what people are willing to spend on wine — let alone dinner out at a restaurant.

I’m going to sit down with wine a little more.



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3 responses to “Drink, don’t taste

  1. zolar

    Careful…consuming wine to excess can lead to excessive consumption.

  2. cellarette

    How much you wanna make a million dollar bet?

  3. zolar

    JB Wicker will underwrite it.

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