Noble House tasting

I’ve been in the city since Monday for the Spanish wine class, which just finished. But first, a post about the Noble House tasting held Monday at Bar Americain. There I met Anthony Allport, whose wine I tasted out at the restaurant and wrote about earlier.

Pretty cute, and much younger than I imagined.

Also there was Florian Mollet, whose Les Sables Sancerre 2007 was on the list last summer. His wines are beautiful: sharp, focused, elegant and delicious. His family makes Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé (all sauvignon blanc). He was showing three of each: Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé Tradition; Les Sables; and an “Antique” from both appellations, which are from single vineyards. If I understood Florian. The Pouilly-Fumé Antique was reduced on the nose, but the Sancerre Antique was creamy and sharp.

Other notable wines were from Patrick LeSec, all affordable. His Cotes du Rhone “Bouquet” (a perennial 89 pointer) and the Costieres de Nimes. I like the regular over the vielle vignes, which was New World in style. These wines should retail for less than $15.

Also there was “Mac” McDonald of Vision Cellars, one of the few black winemaker you run across, and hard to miss because he always wears demin overalls and a big straw hat. He specializes in pinot noir. We talked about the high level of alcohol in his wines and he admitted that high alcohol equals high scores and high scores equals sales and he wants to sell his wines.

I also met Ignacio Arzuaga Navarro, who makes wine in Ribera del Duero. His 2005 Crianza was a big hit on the list this year, and I’m going to be pouring the Pago Florentino, a tempranillo that’s a vino de la tierra de Castilla, in central Spain. They’re delicious, rich, herbal, concentrated, but not hot or sticky.



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3 responses to “Noble House tasting

  1. Dear Sir,

    A wine named after the “Noble House”? This is clearly a stunt by the press office of my nemesis Ian Dunross.

    Perhaps I should start my own vineyard on the south banks of Hong Kong – Chateau de Rothwell-Gornt. Sounds a little like Rothschild.

    Do you think it might sell?

    Wishing you the the best of joss,

  2. cellarette

    there’s still hope. Noble House is the name of the importer/distributor.

  3. Dear Madam,

    That is indeed a great relief. I shall have to consider a majority investment in this unfortunately named distributor and engage in some extensive corporate rebranding.

    Incidentally, reserves of Dom Perignon (1999) are running dangerously low in the cellar of Gornt Mansions on the Peak. In light of the current economic climate can you recommend a bottle with similar taste but preferntial price?

    Best of joss,

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