Is wine selling? Or not?

Here’s a good example of two ways to interpret the same information.  Two California newspapers, reporting on surveys of wine executives and wine professionals, came up with competing headlines.

From the Sacremento Bee: California Wine Sales Appear Healthy.

From the Press Democrat: Softening Wine Market.

And now from the people who conducted and released the surveys:

Wine Industry Intent on Truly Going Green.

The surveys were conducted by Robert Smiley, professor and director of wine studies in the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis, at the Wine Industry Financial Symposium in Napa on Tuesday.

Professor Smiley conducted one survey, in its 10th year, of 28 CEOs of key wine operations, ranging from growers to vintners to distributors and asked them five questions. (Survey power point here.)

“Despite that downturn in sales, the majority of the wine executives surveyed said that they believe the industry will survive the current economic slump on the strength of nonrestaurant sales, particularly the moderately priced $10-$14 wines,” Smiley stated in a UC David press release. “They are confident that the millennial generation’s love of wine provides a solid foundation for the industry.”

Smiley’s other survey, of wine professionals, now in its 17th year, included responses from 73 vineyard and winery representatives from throughout California.

“One of the biggest changes reflected in this survey was that consumers are increasingly viewing wine as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle,” stated Smiley. “And for the first time, these wine professionals said that they are finding consumers to be more accepting of alternative packaging.”

Anecdotally, wine sales at the Frisky Oyster are not bad.



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3 responses to “Is wine selling? Or not?

  1. Jim

    Hi. You captured the apparent contradiction even better than I did on our site yesterday. But if you did get the idea from us then it would be polite to give credit. Thanks.

  2. cellarette

    I got the idea from an e-mail I get from a marketing group that collects and sends out wine news links. The two headlines were listed right above each other. Jim, above, writes for wines and vines. Here’s the link:

  3. zolar

    Yea. What she said, Jim.

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