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Sunny does Champagne

I had the good fortune to run into Sunny Gandara at the Master of Wine Champagne tasting on Monday. Sunny also finished her diploma the same time I did and, unlike me, submitted her application to be accepted to the MW program for the coming year. She said she will hear by the end of the year, but no one shows for sure when.

Sunny and her chef husband, Mark, have a catering, education company Fork and Glass.

I spoke to others in the program and to Lisa Granik MW, who said that having a diploma was no longer a guarantee of acceptance. What they’re looking for, she said, was experience in the wine business. Given that information, I decided to wait another year, so I can get more experience tasting and learn more about the business, which this blog is helping me to achieve.

Now it’s good luck Sunny! And thank you for being the guinea pig!


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