Peter Michael’s Pinot

Friday night I had the chance to taste the  Peter Michael 2005 “Le Moulin Rouge” Pinot Noir. Brought in by collector and enthusiast Bob Rosenberg, friends of regulars Bob and Amy, the wine is severly allocated and available only by mailing list.

I made a point to stop and make a WSET-approved tasting note, but getting the color in dim restaurant light is a challenge. Note after the jump.

Medium ruby. The nose jumped out black cherry, but I hesitated because I thought I smelled a hint of cork. It also had a dustyl, earthy aroma.

It was dry medium plus acid and medium plus alcohol (actually 14.5 percent) with soft, powdery tannins. Mouthfilling medium body with blueberry, plum and tea aromas. The quiet intensity of the fruit masked the alcohol, but the high alcohol lead it to stop about two thirds of the way down the palate. It finished long and obviously needs a good five to seven more years to develop some secondary flavors and round out the acid.

Thanks Bob and Bob and Amy and Mrs. Rosenberg!


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