Fall tastings start

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Tomorrow I’ll be going into the city for a round of wine tastings that will last all month. Luckily, most tastings are on Mondays and Tuesdays, my days off. To avoid cost, parking and the inevitable buzz that comes from tasting wine all day even if you spit, I take the Hampton Jitney in and out and it works out well.

On Monday it’s importers Martin Scott and Vias. A big tasting for Vias, which mostly deals in Italian wine, it’s at the center of the wine drain, the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

Martin Scott’s portfolio tasting is in an event space on Park Avenue. I’m hoping to catch up with Susannah Gold, a friend from wine class who also finished her diploma this spring.

On Tuesday, I’ll be visiting Michael Feuerstein for his annual Champagne tasting, my favorite, at Bar Bouloud. Très chic. (Yes, Michael, I’m coming.) There are two tastings on Wednesday, David Bowler and the California Wine Rush, but I have to work and will miss them.

Next week, on Monday is the Master of Wine Champagne Tasting; I’ve already bought my ticket and I’m hoping Ros Baiz of The Old Field Vineyards in Southold won’t have to pick and will be able to come with me. And on Tuesday and Wednesday is the Winebow tasting. On the following Monday is Spanish wine importer Tempranillo’s tasting.

Many of the producers attend the tastings, so it’s a good way to meet people and learn about their wines. I need a smaller camera …



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3 responses to “Fall tastings start

  1. Hey Cellarette (Eileen),
    Don’t forget the Dancing Bear Cellars tasting at Prime House on 27th Street at 12-430 on Tuesday, September 9.

    Hope to see you,

  2. BE

    Get a Canon SD 750 power shot. It has 8 mega pixels and takes video too. So you can start putting videos up on your blog!
    Seems like you are having fun.
    Go Girl!

  3. cellarette

    On impulse, I bought at Nikon Coolpix S210. I’m pretty happy with it. Small, takes video. I’m going to try out the video and the MW Champagne tasting.

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