Forget heavy bottles

Boisset Family Estates has issued a press release stating it will be selling three of its wines in plastic PET botttles in the United States this month. In molded plastic, the firm’s Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône, an AOC wine, and the Yellow Jersey Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc will hit the shelves in an effort, says the release, to reduce the impact on the environment.

The packaging is made by Constar International Inc. using their MonOxbar Plus oxygen scavenger technology.

I’ve read the entire press release and I’m still not sure what MonOxbar Plus oxygen scavenger technology is. But it sounds good. Oxygen is the enemy of wine and if a plastic is seen to scavenge it, that must be beneficial, right?

Wine in plastic bottles has long been a staple on the shelves of European grocery stores, but the bottles resemble those that contain water. These look like wine bottles.

They’re already for sale in Canada.


Here’s some oxygen scavenger info from Plastics Technology Online:

Monolayer and multilayer PET containers have also been aided by Amosorb DFC 4020, a polyester-based oxygen-scavenger additive developed by BP Amoco (now Innovene), which has found commercial success in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It offers increased shelf life for oxygen-sensitive beverages such as juice, beer, wine, and tea. The oxygen-scavenging technology was licensed in 2003 to Colormatrix, which supplies a pellet masterbatch to be added during molding. This allows the scavenger level to be varied to match the required level of oxygen barrier.

Maybe it’s time to buy stock in these companies.


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