Gifts of rosé

The Frisky Oyster’s generous corkage policy is bringing in a range of wines for me to taste. This weekend I was able to sample the 2000 Carruades de Lafite, a second label from the Paulliac producer that focuses on merlot. (It was still ruby, young and juicy with that Paulliac austerity.) And some great wines that merit their own post.

Lower-end, drink-now wines are just as welcome, and this weekend I got to try two roses, one from a new customer with an obviously deep cellar and a love for California wines. The other from Virginie from the Cercle Rouge restaurant in New York. Both wines are 2007 and from the Cotes de Provence.

Sonnia and Sac Chiaramonte had the 2007 Chateau Minuty Cuvée de l’Oratoire rosé, which was fresh, earthy, fruity and delicious, all things a current vintage rosé should be. It’s a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Tibouren. (They also had a Foley pinot noir that I didn’t get to taste.)

Varietal alert. From the OCW:

Tibouren could almost be said to be the Provençal grape variety. It has a long history and the ability to produce such quintessentially Provençal wines as earthy rosés with a genuine scent of the garrigue (its wine is not naturally deep in colour). With total 2,000 plantings of about 450 ha/1,110 acres, almost all in the Var, Tibouren is cultivated by a number of the more quality- and history-conscious producers of Provence and some of them bottle it as a varietal rosé. It is sensitive to coulure and therefore yields irregularly. The deeply incised shape of its leaves reminds Galet of some Middle Eastern vine varieties, and certainly it could possibly have been imported by the Greeks via Marseilles, although its original sphere of influence was around St-Tropez, where it is thought by some to have been imported as recently as the end of the 18th century by a naval captain Antiboul, after whom it was named.

Virginie has been telling me about the Chateau de Pourcieux all summer and brought in a bottle for me to taste. Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault, the wine was, again, earthy fruity delicious and easy to drink.

I’ve got to figure out a way to record more extensive tasting notes in the middle of a Saturday night.


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  1. BE

    I recently had the Roanoke Vinneyards rose and it was delicious on a warm evening.

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