High season

Last night was winery night at the The Frisky Oyster as sweetheart Joe Macari Sr. was in drinking his usual, the 2004 Macari Bergen Road; Miguel Martin, winemaker at Palmer Vineyards, was there and got my last bottle of 2005 Ferrer-Bobet Priorat (he went to school in Spain with either Ferrer or Bobet); David Page of Shinn Estate was there with my favorite wine customer Mike Malter. Page had a bottle of his 2002 Six Barrel red, which Dennis tossed out before I got a chance to taste. And Chiara Edmands of Onabay was in with their newly bottled 2007 sparkling and a 2006 red , which was also tossed. The sparkling was not yet labeled, but was definitely chardonnay-based and lively and fresh. (I wish I took a picture of it.)

The 2004 Bergen Road won a double gold at the New York Wine and Food Classic, which means the voting was unanimous.

Also on Malter’s table was a 2005 white burgundy and 1992 Diamond Creek Gravelly Creek Vineyard, which I got a sip of amid a busy night that shows the rest of the summer is going to be like, well, Labor Day Weekend, which is next weekend.

Someday soon I’m going to sit down and drink some wine, rather than standing up and spitting it.



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2 responses to “High season

  1. Malter

    Next time we’ll leave a chair open for you to sit and taste! Least we can do for our favorite NoFo sommelier! The ’02 Shinn Six Barrel was amazing and the 92 Diamond Creek was up to it’s reputation. Unfortunately my white burgundy was the weak sister of the eve. I’ll have to step it up next time…

  2. cellarette

    What was the white? I only remember it was a 2005 and some sort of Montrachet. And a negotiant?

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