From Sicily

Christian Troy of Polaner Selections was back and of the wines he showed me the most interesting was the Valle dell’Acate 2005 Cerasuolo di Vittorai.

Cerasuolo di Vittorai is a DOCG on Sicily, that uses the nero d’avola and frappato grapes. (From OCW: “frappato is lesser Sicilian red grape variety, which can add fruit and freshness to the more powerful nero d’avola in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOC.” Also,In the southeast of the island, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, made from a blend of at least 40 per cent of frappato and no more than 60 per cent of Nero d’Avola (here known as Calabrese), has improved in recent years.” )

Sicily has 19 DOCs, the most famous of which is Marsala. Cerasuolo was the first, and now the only DOCG. Nice map here.

The wine was a deep ruby with an earthy blackberry, black raspberry smell. It had soft medium tannins with juicy minty fruit and chocolate notes. It was delicious. Christian said it was made only using old wood and that the estate’s director, Gaetana Jacono, has the philosophy of not making tre bicchiere wine. She has the due bicchiere philosophy. Whatever.

(Italian for “three glasses,” Tre Bicchiere is the highest award in an annual listing by the Italian wine and food publication Gambero Rosso.)

Also nice from Christian were a 2005 Chateau Fantin Bordeaux Superior; the La Soufrandier 2006 Pouilly-Vinzelles and the Domaine de la Janasse 2007 white Cotes du Rhone.


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