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Last week Daniel Pedisich came by the restaurant to show me wines he is importing from Croatia. The best part of the story was that a colleague of his, who lives in California, saw my blog and called Daniel, who lives on Long Island. Next thing you know, I was tasting his wine.

In the last post, I wrote about his whites made from the debit grape and produced by Bibich. I also tasted the 2006 Riserva, a red made in northern Dalmatia from the babich, plavina and lasin grapes that are related to Zinfandel.

It was really interesting, ruby colored with a smoky nose that was a little bretty. It was also really juicy with ripe blackberries underneath the smoke. Medium alcohol, medium body with medium tannins that I wrote were squeaky, long on the palate with medium intense flavors of blueberry and spice, some black pepper.

(Image via Blue Danube Wine Company.)

What do we know about babich, plavina and lasin?

From the OCW:

Plavina is red grape grown in northern Croatia which may also be called Brajdica. Sometimes also erroneously used as a synonym for plavac mali. DNA profiling at San Michele all’Adige and Zagreb suggested parent–offspring relationships with verdeca cultivated in Puglia as well as with zinfandel.

Lasin and babich do not have entries. Any info would be appreciated.


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