89 project

My man Honig over at 2dayperbottle has started a new blog The 89 Project. Here’s the mission statement:

Wine graveyards are littered with 89-rated bottles, but some just might deserve a chance to come back from the dead. What is the difference between an 89 and a 90 rating for a bottle of wine? Sales. A reasonably priced 90 rating flies off the shelf. An 89 rating for the same dollars just sits and sits. The 89 Project invites wine writers, reviewers, critics and bloggers to cross-post anything they write about any wine getting an 89 rating. Let us give these red-headed step children of the wine world a second chance to shine brightly with success, or splat down into ignominious failure.

To contribute to this I’m going to have to alter my approach. I rarely check the ratings on wine, and as far as I can tell, there’s no good way to get a list of 89-point wines. The advanced search at erobertparker.com will allow a search by rating, but only using a number as a starting point. No matter which number you put in, it alphabetically lists 500 wine starting with those rated 100. (The first being the 2002 Abreu Cab Thorevilos.) It never occurred to them that readers consumers would want to select by a lower rating.


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