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Castello di Porcia 2006 Traminer Aromatico

Traminer aromatico is another name for gewurztraminer. This wine is from the Friuli Venizia Guila region of Italy, in the north east corner of the boot, kind of behind the knee. According to the Oxford Companion to Wine, the grape’s origins are from a neighboring region, Alto Adige, around the village of Tramin. This grape, first noticed circa 1000 AD, was a pale comparison of the heady, perfumed gewurztraminer we know today. It also has as a parent, pinot. Tasting note after the jump.

An aside, re gewurz, from the OCW:

Although much has been read into the direct German translation of gewürz as “spiced‚” in this context it simply means “perfumed.” Traminer Musqué, Traminer Parfumé, and Traminer Aromatique were all at one time French synonyms for Gewürztraminer.

This wine is a clear, pale gold, with a clean, youthful nose that has pronounced aromas of rose petals, lychee, white pepper and bark. (Definitely not a WSET-approved term. But the smell leads me to believe the wine spends some time in oak. The website’s notes are non-committal.)

The medium body leads me to believe there is a little residual sugar. The acid is medium and so is the alcohol (12.5 percent) with intense flavors of white grapefruit, lychee, cardamon. The finish is fairly long and it stops a little short on the palate.

I can appreciate gewurztraminer, but I don’t want to drink it. As it’s put in the OCW:

Deeply coloured, opulently aromatic, and fuller bodied than almost any other white wine, Gewürztraminer’s faults are only in having too much of everything. It is easy to tire of its weight and its exotic flavour of lychees and heavily scented roses, although Alsace’s finest Gewürztraminers are extremely serious wines, with an occasional savoury note reminiscent of bacon fat in some of the most complex examples, capable of at least medium-term ageing.

The wine should retail for $13.


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