Local chard sold locally

The Patio restaurant in Westhampton Beach has contracted with Raphael to make private labels. Starr Boggs, another restaurant in Westhampton sells wine under its own label that’s made by Lenz.

Starr Boggs is a great restaurant; the Patio, a venerable Westhampton institution, has new owners. My sister and I are going to check it out tonight.

The last time I visited Rich, the winemaker at Raphael, he gave me a sample of the red and the white. The white, 100 percent chardonnay is very good. It’s simple light wine that is made to go with food from the excellent 2007 vintage. It’s a light lemon green color, with a clean youthful nose and medium pronounced aromas of crisp apple. It’s dry, got medium alcohol, medium acid and medium pronounced flavors of apple and some citrus with a medium + finish.

I decided to practice writing a WSET-approved tasting note, which is the standard when studying for a diploma in wine and spirits. The information in the note is then used to determine the quality of the wine and anything else you can discover: variety, region, age, etc.


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