Pinot Noir-off

Thursday night Perry Weiss who, with her mother Ros Baiz, tends the vines at The Old Field Vineyards in Southold, came in with a friend and we tasted a 2004 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir and a 2004 Remoriquet 1er Cru Nuit-Saint-Georges. A customer brought in the Selyem and the burgundy was a sample from Gwenn.

First off, the Remoriquet is outrageously expensive. It’s a delicate wine from an iffy year, but after it had been opened for six hours, it was hard not to think there was something wrong with it. Was it corked? It did remind me of the kind of cardboard that comes with a laundered dress shirt, but it wasn’t quite corked. Maybe it’s too young? No one really liked it.

The Selyem fared better in our small impromptu comparative tasting. It’s hospital clean and woody on the nose and palate, but it isn’t overoaked. The cherry fruit is round and long, the alcohol is moderate and there’s enough acid to liven it up. Not exciting, not super distinctive, but very good.


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