Experiment failed

If when wine goes bad you get vinegar, what do you get when vinegar goes bad? I don’t know, but I had some of it in my kitchen. Preparing for my trip to the dump where I nonchalantly drop off cases of empty wine bottles checking out the bin to see what people are drinking (Yellowtail), I started to dump some half bottles when I remembered my vinegar jug under the kitchen sink. I hadn’t smelled it in awhile, so I was wondering what was going on, but had yet to pull it out. Oh, the smell was contained by a coating of green mold. I’m going to try again. I made one batch, but it doesn’t seem to be as vinegary as, well, vinegar.


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One response to “Experiment failed

  1. It’s way too easy to forget about a batch of vinegar. I’m on my 4th batch now…and you actually just reminded me to check it tonight. Hopefully I won’t see the same mold!

    This batch is actually made 100% from North Fork merlot.

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