Past studies

One year ago I was in the last-minute throes of studying for the unit 3 exam for the diploma. The test included two hours of blind tasting in the morning and three hours of essay questions on the “Light Wines of the World,” the title of unit 3. That’s all the wine in the world that’s not fortified or sparking (I’d already taken those tests).

Needless to say I worked myself into quite a state. A friend was staying at my house and at one time she counted 60 open bottles of wine on my kitchen counter, where I had been standing for hours on end sipping and spitting into the sink. It kinda smelled.

To study, I took the advice of one of the instructors at the International Wine Center, Mollie Battenhouse, and made study cards from index cards into which I had punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner. I then put the cards on metal rings. Soon I was color coding the cards and then it got out of hand.

Mollie, by the way, earned her MW last year, so I thought “If it’s good enough for Mollie Battenhouse, it’s good enough for me.”

It took me about three month to make the cards. And I rarely if ever looked at them again, as I don’t ride the subway. But I think it was the process that was beneficial. I passed the test, and I remember thinking after I took it, “There’s no way I can go through this again if I fail.”


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